A downloadable game for Windows

In Look! Spooks! you take on the role of paranormal photographer Sabrina Carey in her quest to get the best spooky pictures of ghosts. Wait for them to strike a pose and get snapping -- but don't get too close, or you'll spook the spooks! Angry ghosts will break your camera lens, and you only have ten spares. Remember -- ghosts look the cutest from a safe distance!

Take a photo within the green circle when ghosts pose. Avoid the red circles, or lose a life.

Recommended Resolution: 1280 x 720

Left Stick - Move
Right Bumper - Take photo/Select
Right Trigger - Back
Keyboard - Type names

*Controls are optimized for the Logitech F310 gamepad, and literally no other input method

Look! Spooks! is a game by birb:

  • Yui Wei (@yuiwei)
  • Joey (@yeojoey)
  • Niki (@naitowingu)
Git Repo: here


builds_lookspooks.zip 18 MB